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Latest changes: 2017-08-06


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    2. SMS messaging
    3. Enable extended FM setup

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What's new?

My latest addition to MD380Tools (July 2017) is extended SMS Service for network specific functions like provided by BrandMeister DMR TMS/SMS service. You can use the main TMS functions, like repeater talkgroup service, weather forecast report and GPS position report of your own current position by simple shortcut keys to invoke a network message to be send to the inbox of your DMR radio.

MD380Tools SMS

Be aware you must have set the correct radiotype (Chinese radio) in the selfcare panel for your DMR-ID in BrandMeister selfcare portal before!

One of my recent additions (May 2017) and contribution to the official master was made to enable support the use MD380Tools together with the Tytera MD-446. This radio is a very similar and compatible version of MD380, but with a strict reduced keyboard without a numeric keypad and only six keys.

Tytera MD-446
Tytera MD-390G vs. MD-446

The common keys like Red/Green/Cursor up/down on MD-446 look same like on MD380/390 series, but they use a different hardware mapping and were not compatible with MD380Tools menus and functions. By this reason, the firmware could be flashed, but not be used very comfortable on this radio. With the new version, the keyboard layout can be selected in menu [2] - [1] by the user and now also MD-446 is supported.

DL2MF development changelog:
2017-09-30: PR:PREPARING
    Tonight I've updated and included all new features into my master repository
      - Advanced Status Display
      - Enhanced Sidebutton functions
      - SMS repeater, weather and GPS report requests

    New binaries are available here on my page below, all sources are on my GitHub. A Pull request will be prepared soon.
2017-08-07: PR:MERGED
    All new features were merged by Travis into the official master, all branches closed.
      - Complete new menu structure MD380Tools V2.0
      - enable keyb scroll in Tytera menus, zones, contacts (external*)
      - CC scan on seperate netmon screen 0 in modern keyb layout (external*)
      - Mic gain feature (external*)
      - new config setup for keyb scroll speed
      - FM setup options for FM deviation (+/-3 levels)
2017-06-11: PR: CLOSED
    added config setup for keyb scroll (external*)
2017-06-08: PR: CLOSED
    added FM setup options for FM deviation (+/-3 levels)
2017-06-06: PR: CLOSED
    added FM setup options for bandpass filter, bandwidth, compressor, pre-emphasis
2017-06-01: PR:MERGED
    New menu structure MD380Tools V2.0
    enable keyb scroll in Tytera menus, zones, contacts (external*)
    adding CC scan on seperate netmon screen 0 in modern keyb layout (external*)
2017-05-28: PR:MERGED
    merge latest changes from
    full MD-446 in setup menu, selectable keyb layouts, keyb options
2017-05-23: PR: MERGED
    fixed missing timestamp Netmon4/5
    added keyb support for MD-446
    added mic gain feature (external*)
2017-04-23: PR: MERGED
    submenu TG edit added to tools menu (external*)
2017-02-17: PR: MERGED
    extended "Show calls", former userscsv (CPS, UserDB, TalkerAlias)
    new statusline option "TalkerAlias", renamed "Alt Status" -> "Lastheard"
    fixed sidebuttons submenu, confirm now tells setting instead only "Function set"
    new backlight submenu, all backlight options (level, timer) moved to this submenu
2017-01-21: PR: MERGED
    netmon5 added and improved during review phase
    first suggest and detailed layout for new keyb mapping
2016-11-23: PR: MERGED
    changes for netmon4 - lastheard
2016-11-20: PR: MERGED, 607 and following
    first release of netmon4 - new lastheard feature
2016-11-08: PR: MERGED
    update symbols_s13.020.txt
    improve netmonitor for MD390 with GPS
    fix promiscuous mode icon in S13.020

*PLEASE NOTE: Preliminary builds provided from my site may also contain parts of development forks from other contributors. In the current build there are affected the Mic gain and Keyboard scrolling function from Ty, KG5RKI. These features were implemented, cause I found them useful for myself - I may improve them, if something will being annoying or not working as I expected. I wont care to much about these extensions from other forks - wait for updates or use the feature on a "is as provided" basis.

The MD380Tools community is working on many ideas, currently more than 135 forks worldwide exist, not every of these forks is under development, some are simple clones of an older official build. Everybody is working in that way, he prefers, I myself will personally not respond to any feature requests or reports to extensions from other developers, my goal is to make this radio perfectly usuable for me, if you like this extensions you may use them, but don't ask me for bugs (most of them I may already know, cause I use my MD390/G very regular, others may not be in my focus of interest.

All my published new functions and add-on features to the community were tested in our radioclub before they will be pushed to a request on the official fork. Several of my friends own MD380, MD390G, MD446, RT3 or RT8 radios. After firmware build were tested by me and this community, I will make an official PR from this - all other is currently beta!

Latest features:

Keyboard support menu:

    Keyb Mode     
 o Legacy
 o Modern
 o MD-446         
 o Developer
Confirm      Back 

Please don't try to use MD-446 keyb layout with your MD-380/MD-390, it's swapping keys and hard to navigate back to the menu.
All changes for MD-446 support and the new menu structure can already be found on my public repo at:

A pull request PR#762 to merge these additions to the official master is currently pending and under review, so I decided to continue development, but I could not merge my latest additions to my official repo to prevent any further delay of the current pull request.

Radio Setup menu:

   Radio Setup    
[4] BandpassFilter
[5] FM Compressor
[6] FM PreEmphasis
[7] FM Bandwidth  
Confirm      Back 

The Radio setup menu can be extended with some (today preliminary) features. The standard menu contains 3 options, with extended FM setup features, the same menu will give you access to 9 menu options. Please see below, how you can get access to the new, experimental features available in the latest firmware download (bottom of this page).

SMS message menu:

   SMS Service    
[1] RPT Status    
[2] WX Report
[3] GPS Report
[4] SMS Mode
Confirm      Back 

The SMS Service menu gives DMR users a shortcut key access to some TMS/SMS features available in BrandMeister DMR. Each of this funtions can be enabled or disabled by the menu options. Due to the current experimental status of this features there are seperate download binareis available with SMS support in the download area (bottom of this page).

*SMS Mode is under development for further usage, currently it has no function in this release.

SMS Service (under development)

There were several ideas for a long time to bring a more comfortable and better implementation of TMS/SMS features to DMR users. The first step available now is the new SMS Service menu integrated in MD380Tools V2.0 menu. This gives DMR users a shortcut access to the main message service functions available in BrandMeister DMR since a few days.

New SMS Service options:

You must enable Netmon to activate keyboard shortcuts, the assigned keys depend on your keyb mode selected.
It's recommend to select keyb mode "Modern" oder "Developer" to use SMS features most comfortable. SMS service will only replace single keys if the assigned function is being activated in SMS service menu.

Keyb mode: Modern
  • Option Key 1 - Repeater status - On/Off
  • Option Key 2 - Weather report - Off/RPT/GPS
  • Option Key 3 - GPS report - On/Off

Keyb mode: Developer
  • Option Key 7 - Repeater status - On/Off
  • Option Key 8 - Weather report - Off/RPT/GPS
  • Option Key 9 - GPS report - On/Off

SMS option menu 1 - Repeater status:

   SMS Service    
 o  RPT SMS Off
(o) RPT SMS On    

Confirm      Back 

SMS option menu 2 - WX Report:

   SMS Service    
 o  WX SMS Off
(o) WX RPT based  
 o  WX GPS based

Confirm      Back 

SMS option menu 3 - GPS Report:

   SMS Service    
 o  GPS SMS Off
(o) GPS SMS On    
 o  GPS Automode

Confirm      Back 

*GPS Automode is under development for further usage, currently it isn't available in public builds.

Sample usage with keyb mode "Modern" selected:

- To request current available TG from your next repeater, simply go to your BM DMR repeater channel, press key 1 and wait for the reply message.
- To request a weather forecast for your area, simply go to your next BM DMR repeater channel, press key 2 and wait for the reply message.
- To request your latest submitted GPS position, simply go to your next BM DMR repeater channel, press key 3 and wait for the reply message.

Option settings are stored in radios SPI flash and are system wide and not channel specific settings!

When SMS features are activated, the assigned keys are being used to request a service SMS to the DMR network (red TX-LED flashing for 1/2 sec), SMS RX needs appropiate repeater coverage.

You must have a reliable HF connection in range of your repeater to receive the reply message complete, this takes depending on SMS content 2-3 seconds.

If everything works fine, you'll receive a message to your standard message inbox. For WX RPT report it looks like this:

Hi Mike,
Weather for
Clouds: broken
Temp: 27.6C
Humidity: 45
Pressure: 1006hPa
Wind: 6.2km/h
Out of: 230deg
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Enhanced FM functions

My current focus of interest was to explore some more features and extended functions for FM analog usage of the MD380/MD390/G and compatible radios.

Tyteras radio is based on the HRC-5000 chipset, a standard digital chipset supporting ETSI TS102 361 (DMR) using 4FSK modulation and demodulation technology, 12.5K channel using 2-slot TDMA communication and providing two-way digital voice and data communication transmission with support of full-duplex and half-duplex communication. A datasheet of the chip can be found here:

Studying the datasheet I have found some interesting options for HAM operation, that have not been yet implemented neither to the radio nor could be found in MD380Tools. Due to my local repeater being a DMR-/Analog-FM mixed mode repeater, I was interested to improve my own DMR radio to make use of these features. WARNING! These functions are using direct access to and modification of hardware registers of the HRC-5000 radio chip! I will take no responsibility for any function or malfunction of these features and you might brick your radio!

This is also the reason, why the new features must be activated before you can use them, to avoid unexperienced people to play with these modifications.

Enable new FM setup functions

By the following steps you will enable the new FM setup in Menu [3] Radio.

Step 1 - Flash your radio and goto the MD380Tools menu:

  MD380Tools 2.0  
[1] Display       
[2] Radio
[3] DMR Setup
[4] SMS Service
Confirm      Back 

Step 2 - Navigate to option 6 - Developer:

  MD380Tools 2.0  
[4] SMS Service
[5] Keyboard
[6] Tones
[7] Developer     
Confirm      Back 

Step 3 - Select option 5 - DevMode Level:

[2] Experimental
[3] CoPl Override
[4] Config Reset
[5] DevMode Level
Confirm      Back 

Step 4 - Select the 2nd option - Ext. FM setup:

  DevMode Level   
 o  Standard      
(o) Ext. FM setup 

Confirm      Back 

The final step: Press confirm to enable the feature. Ready!

Your Radio setup menu now contains 9 setup entries providing some additional FM features:

   Radio Setup    
[1] Backlight
[2] Mic bargraph
[3] Mic gain
[4] BandpassFilter
Confirm      Back 

   Radio Setup    
[4] BandpassFilter
[5] FM Compressor
[6] FM PreEmphasis
[7] FM Bandwidth
Confirm      Back 

   Radio Setup    
[6] FM PreEmphasis
[7] FM Bandwidth
[8] FM Deviation
[9] FM Options  
Confirm      Back 

New FM setup options:

  • Option 4 - 6 are self-explaining, you can either activate or deactivate each function (factory default = all options "ON")
  • Option 7 allows to select 12.5kHz or standard 25kHz channel bandwidth (factory default = 25kHz)
  • Option 8 is a prelimanary FM deviation setup with -3/+3 steps (factory default = default)

All these options are stored in radios SPI flash and are system wide and not channel specific settings!

If there should be a case of malfunction or you want to restore all factory FM defaults, select FM Options [9] - Reset all.
For those, who didn't read carefully, this will not reset other options, like Mic gain!

    FM Options    
 o  Save setup
(o) Reset all     

Confirm      Back 

Enjoy the new features and share your feedback with the community!

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